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a school dropout
(or never attended)
14 - 24
years of age
a victim or suvivor
of gender-based violence
to remain in the program for 9 months
a girl mother
We interview girls and select the most vulnerable to enter the program.
Due to funding, some have waited up to 2 years for entry.
The Girl Child

She was exploited, uneducated, a girl mother, a runaway, a child prostitute...ashamed and without hope. Now she is shelter, protected, inspired, a baker, a seamstress, intelligent, loved, proud...she is the future.

Transit Center

THINK provides a variety of services to women including the Transit Center, which he;ps meet the oncerns of the community. Services include couseling, rehabilitation, foster care placement, mentorships, family reunification and more.


Liberia is a tiny country on the west coast of Africa. It’s lush with rainforest and exotic beaches, yet the poverty rate soars in comparison to some of the other African countries. Civil War has also contributed to the effects on its people, with gender-based violence at the top of the crime list.

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